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Karma Athletes

Fun and Energetic Athletic Team Focused On Supporting Great Community Charities

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Strongly Supporting Charities

Our #1 priority is supporting great local charities and having fun doing all types of races and social activities together.

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Team Karma Athletes

We Work Hard To Help Charities…and Play Harder As A Team

Here are some great Team pictures from some of our recent races and socials over the last couple years!

Benefits Of Joining Karma Athletes

  • We have the opportunity to give to charities of all sorts that we feel strongly about

  • Build team work, camaraderie and support

  • Build strong and long lasting Relationships and friendships

  • Networking with like-minded and motivated people on and off the roads

  • Support from people in all level of physical strength

  • Witness progress of self and others around you

  • Access to discounts as a Team from many companies, vendors, retailers that support us

  • Great way to find a partner in fun to run, walk, train and compete with!

  • Able to explore and try new things and adventures!

  • Great environment to bring your children into a positive, uplifting atmosphere

  • Surround yourself and your family with positive role models for future young athletes

  • Get a chance to the be change and volunteer in countless events

  • Get real feedback and tips for nutrition to improve your health and performance on and off roads

  • Positive and building feedback and encouragement from teammates

  • Road trip! Exciting local and out of the area trips and outings as a team

  • Improve yourself physically at your own pace

  • Turn your life in a more positive direction and have the option of help others too

  • Nourish and feed the soul and get a mental release from the daily routine

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Great Reviews From Our Team Members & Why They Love Us…

“Fantastic group and team training!”

“I met the Karma Athletes Team when I was shooting photography at a mud run in 2014. They were very welcoming and friendly and I knew I had to join them. Many races later, my girlfriend and and I love training with the team and have made many new friends and also had many great times with the team. We can’t wait for the next race!” – Jarrett H.

Hey guys, I joined Karma Athletes a few years ago even though I’m not a runner at all. The charity events, fundraisers and energy this group has is the best I’ve ever seen. Dozens of genuine friends and great people.I wouldn’t change a thing… I’m happy to be part of it. You of guys are awesome. My daughters Katie and Brittaney Kilbury also love the group . I’ve heard it from them several times.. Much more like a family and less like an athletic group.
Rick K.
It was my first OCR Race in a training environment and I was alone, I was sitting in my car and almost brought to tears for what I will later learned was my adrenaline. I didn’t know anybody in there, none of my friends wanted to come and here I was, ready to take the leap but couldn’t get out of the car so I messaged Danny and he said that they were inside, then they met me outside and welcomed me. Karma ran with me the whole time, helping and cheering me on. Joining them was the easiest decision. My son and I have found a family that supports us and having excellent male role models for him was the cherry on the ice cream.
Maria C.
My first OCR was in Waldo, FL at SHS. This was also my first time running, walking, sliding, laughing, and straight gettin’ muddy with Karma Athletes. It was an experience that I want to rekindle every weekend I can with my family. I have also had the honor of helping with the core of this group which is the ‘giving back’ to others in need. Karma is a motivating and inspiring group of woman and men from all walks of life and I’m so happy to Karma’s lil Ninja Panda!!!
Amanda B.

Enjoy fitness, friendship and fun with Karma!

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